How to Survive Fitmas

Christmas is a fantastic time of the year but also one fraught with more alcohol & treats than usual.

But, don’t despair! We’ve got 6 top tips to stay on track during the festive period to carry you into the New Year in fighting fit style.

In at number 1. is making sure you eat your greens! Vegetables are a fantastic source of fibre & key micronutrients, but are also your go-to for making sure you fill up on the right stuff.

Number 2. reminds us that white meats such as turkey and chicken are much lower in fat than lamb, beef & pork, so we can cut back without cutting back.

For number 3. we can use our trusty friend the one cal spray – by using this instead of olive oil we’ll hardly feel like we’ve missed out.

4. is make sure we’re prepared by having great snack choices as well as the traditional Christmas treats.

In for 5. is making sure we roast our food rather than pan cooking, in doing so we can avoid extra calories from having to use oil.

Last but not least, number 6. is the all-important reminder that Christmas is a time for relaxing, seeing friends & family & generally indulging a little more than normal. We can get back on the horse come January & smash all of our 2019 goals.

Hopefully these tips help you out this Xmas night & through Boxing Day with the leftovers!

Merry Fitmas!


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