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#1 Same routine. Same outcome.

Step out of your comfort zone. Progression does not come from same old, same old.

#2 Doughnuts are good for you.

We know they’re not 1 of your 5 a day, but a healthy mind is the foundation for a healthy body (& sometimes that means Krispy Kremes).

#3 Bolder is better.

Excuses won’t cut it with us. 100% you should seek guidance & advice but also be bold, step up to the plate with your fitness & make sure you own whatever you’re doing.

#4 Pack a towel & some tissues.

Why? Because sweat & tears are essential on the route to success.

#5 Do what the f you want.

Fitness has no shackles, do what you want when you want & don’t think that you need to be a certain ‘type’ of athlete.

#6 Everyone starts somewhere.

Nobody is born an expert. Learning the ropes is part of the process & there is great pride, not shame in being a beginner – it means you’ve got off your ass to achieve something great.

#7 Zero barriers.

It’s 2018 & there’s no such thing as gender specific sports or workouts. We say screw convention. Guys, train your ass. Girls, get strong af.

#8 Magic pills are like unicorns.

Myths. There is no single element of fitness or nutrition that will make you strong, lean or healthy. Get equipped with everything you need then buckle up for one hell of a ride.

#9 Diet shakes & boot camps for all.

Erm, no. It sounds obvious but the key to long-term fitness success is enjoying how you’re training & what you’re eating. If you’re not enjoying yourself then honestly what’s the point?

#10 Over to you.

Number 10 is your time with the mic. Take information on board, listen to opinions & then go forge your own unique path & way of doing things.



A self-confessed cereal-addict & spiced rum connoisseur, Curt lives for receiving feedback from customers & is committed to creating the ‘perfect’ product. In a past life he tried marathon running & bodybuilding shows but has now ditched the running shoes & spray tan in favour of lifting heavy-ass weight. Curt’s main goal in life is to slowly drive Sam to insanity.


An engineer turned accountant turned fitness start-up founder, Sam spends his spare time eating cheese & onion crisps & pretending to be vegan. Sam is the ‘numbers man’ & responsible for all things technical at Boostbox. Amongst his greatest achievements, Sam ranks having not yet murdered Curt for being so bloody annoying.


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