7 Ways to Help Staff Stick to Their New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again! The time where we start thinking about what we want to get out of the year ahead and focus on achieving new goals.

But alas! Whatever your New Year’s resolutions might be, they’re not always easy to stick to. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, nothing worth having comes easy. If you’ve ever set out to achieve anything difficult before, you might have noticed that it was really helpful to have someone who’s got your back, whether that’s friendly words of encouragement from your best friend, partner, or parent, or someone to actually help you get stuff done (like a personal trainer).

In that spirit, there’s a huge amount of help that we can offer to others to ensure they stay on track. To help you, help others in your workplace, here are a few simple ways to offer some assistance and get them smashing their 2020 targets!

Read on below for a bit more detail on what each of these can mean in practice.

But first, what resolutions are people most likely to be aiming for? The usual suspects are always there, but there’s also some new additions out there such as jumping on the the Veganuary bandwagon and going vegan for the month of January.

Here are some of the most common resolutions that you’ll have overheard in the kitchen:

How to help others in your workplace

Here are 7 really simple ways of engaging with your team, ranging from a little word in their ear to implementing a longer-term initiative across the year that benefits the whole squad.

1) Share this list of progress/goal planners

The key to success is being organised and structured towards hitting your goals. Share this article around the office, which rounds up the best diary/planners out there that help us plot the route to our success.

2) Keep up-to-date with new vegan products

Sign up to the mailing lists for websites such as Vegan Food UK, Veganuary, and Plant Based News, so you find out first when a new, trending vegan product hits the supermarkets/high street. It’s a great way for you to engage with vegan/flexitarian/Veganuary-trying members of your team, and provide hot talking points such as, “Have you seen the new No Chicken KFC burger/Greggs No Steak Bake?!”.

3) Be the one to kickstart thoughts about resolutions

Get the whole office involved in a collective resolution such as a minimum number of steps each day (everyone can check this on their phone if they don’t have a fitness watch). Or, maybe something even simpler such as not eating their lunch at the desk and making sure they get out for a walk. Have a good incentive such as a Friday lunch treat for people who go a whole 5 days sticking to it.

4) Arrange a team fitness challenge

Fitness should not be boring. There are so many awesome activities out there to test yourself physically and mentally. Spearhead the health kick in your workplace and suggest a team outing to one of the crazy fun fitness challenges up and down the country. Fire an email around the office to gauge interest and coordinate everyone signing up. Here are a few event ideas around the country along with links to the event hosts.

Tough Mudder (Nationwide) – tbc as ticket sales are still offline until their business problems are resolved

Spartan Race (Nationwide)

Rough Runner (Nationwide)

Mud Monster Run (West Sussex)

XRunner (Midlands)

Badass Mucker (Lancaster)

5) Make coffee in the office more attractive

Saving money is always a popular resolution for people, whether they’re saving for a wedding, to go on holiday or maybe for a house deposit. Help out by getting some bits and bobs into the kitchen to make Starbucks that little bit less attractive. To spice things up, try getting a range of alternative milks (also helps with Veganuary!), caffeine-free options and some sugar-free coffee syrups.

6) Get healthier snack options for the office

Losing weight, getting fitter and working towards some sort of fitness goal or event are all massive biggies on people’s agendas each New Year and they usually involve people going crazy on a treadmill or hitting boot camp classes until they’re puking into a bush.

Unfortunately, without a decent plan for getting better, sustainable nutrition, it’s hard to make serious improvements that will last past February. We’ve all heard that phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’… It’s super important that any changes made in January to diets and nutrition are sustainable ones that can last throughout the year. Luckily, the snack world has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, with a huge range of healthier snack options now that are perfect substitutes for the ‘real thing’.

You might have seen some of the replacements at the checkouts in M&S and Tesco, where there are protein bars that now taste more like chocolate bars than low sugar snacks that have 20g of protein in them – thanks, Grenade!

There are a tonne of ways that you can help your team snack more responsibly, including picking up some fruit for the office, putting a temporary ban on cakes for birthdays, shutting off the vending machine, or sourcing some healthier snack alternatives that won’t make people feel like they’re missing out.

The main objective when it comes to snacking is:

1) not feeling like snacking is bad (it’s really important to have that little distraction/pick-me-up at work when you need to concentrate for long periods of the day; and

2) finding snacks that taste good and are alike to the snacks that you really wish you could eat 24/7 with no diabetic-consequences (doughnuts, cakes, etc).

Again, luckily for us, it’s 2020 and there are healthier alternatives to just about every sugar-vice that a sweet tooth could have.

7) Show the team some resources on how to plan their goals

It sometimes feels counter-intuitive that we should have to plan how we’re going to achieve our goals, but it’s really important that if we’re to succeed that we’ve thought really carefully when we decide what our goals are. The goal Get fitter is super-generic and it’ll be hard to see progress each week. Much better would be Go to the gym 3 times per week, which we can test and see our progress with. Help educate your team to be more mindful with their resolution-planning with a resource such as this. There’s also a tonne of good videos on YouTube explaining this sort of thing, just search SMART goals.

Be the office hero!

We can’t force people to stick to their resolutions, and inevitably not everyone will be able to stick to every resolution they set out to achieve. But we can help those around us (and ourselves) as much as possible and give us all the best chance of succeeding.

The success of hitting your goals is always about planning, giving yourself structure, and creating an environment around you that will allow your new, better habits to form more easily. For keeping fit that might be keeping your running shoes and gym kit at work so you never have an excuse to duck out of a lunchtime run. For saving money and stopping buying £4 lattes that might be making sure there’s an equally amazing coffee waiting for you at work. For losing weight and improving your overall well-being that might be stopping buying biscuits and cakes for the office and instead seeking out healthier snack options.

Whatever the resolutions of the people around you at work, it’s really nice when someone takes the time to help you succeed and anything that you can do will be greatly-appreciated.

Here’s to 2020 being everyone’s most successful year yet!

Get in touch

We can’t help your team with their resolutions to learn Russian or save money for their dream honeymoon to the Maldives, but we can help them with any resolutions related to health, fitness, and well-being.

If you want to find out more about our healthier snack delivery service for offices and how we can get your office snacking more nutritiously, shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to give you a healthy discount off your first box – it’s only fair since you read the whole thing!

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