How does the free sample box work?

After entering your details here we’ll get in touch to find out a bit more info before sending your mini version of the Office Box.

The sample box has 12 different products (just like the real Office Box) so you’ll get a taste for the types of snacks you will receive.

There are no costs involved with receiving the sample box & we won’t require you to give us any payment details. If your team like it then let us know & we can arrange for you to get the full-size Office Box.

When will I receive my first Office Box?

When you sign up, we’ll ask you which day you’d like your boxes delivered on. If you ever need to change your future delivery dates, simply let us know & we’ll update it for you.

How often will I receive my Office Box?

This is entirely up to you depending on your office’s needs. Most Office Box’ers opt to receive a box each week to encourage consistent eating habits with employees & make sure they’re getting excited for Snack Delivery Day week-in, week-out.

Is there a minimum contract?

There’s no minimum contract or commitment & you’ll be free to pause or cancel at any time. There’s no hassle involved, just give us 2 weeks’ notice to allow us to manage our stock & make sure we haven’t already arranged for a delivery to be sent to you.

How much does it cost?

The exact price will depend on the size of your team & exact requirements, but as an indication an Office Box with 72 snacks (12 different varieties of products) costs £99 + VAT including free delivery & an awesome counter-top display to showcase the snacks to your team.

That means each snack costs less than just £1.38 & far less than the happiness & productivity returns that they’ll yield.

What is your refund policy?

We’re so confident that your employees will love our snack box creations that we’re happy to say we offer a full money back guarantee should we fall short of providing you with a service you’re not completely happy with.

How can I change or cancel an order?

Simply let us know that you’d like to pause, change or cancel your order 2 weeks before it’s due to be delivered & we’ll arrange it for you.


Are the snacks vegan/vegetarian friendly?

We carefully select the snacks that go inside each Office Box to ensure that we have a range of products to suit all preferences. That’s why we always include a minimum of 3 different snacks suitable for vegans/vegetarians. Plant power – on.

Do you cater for allergies?

We make sure that we include at least 3 different gluten-free products & at least 1 nut-free product inside every Office Box.

What sort of snacks come in each box?

Each Office Box is packed with the latest & greatest protein & fitness snacks. We carefully curate each box to include a wide range of product-types (cookies, bars, flapjacks, balls & more) & different flavours.

We have 2 years’ experience of providing 1000s of customers with protein-packed alternatives to traditional snacks so we know exactly what we’re doing.

For us, the most important things when selecting snacks are 1) high protein content (we ensure the average protein content in each Office Box is at least 20%) & 2) that they taste incredible – these days protein treats are genuine replacements for chocolate bars, crisps, etc.

How many different snacks come in each box?

Each Office Box comes with 12 different snacks so there will always be a great selection for your team to choose from.

How many items come in each box?

This depends on the size of your team & we’ll tailor the number of snacks inside your Office Box to match the number of mouths that you have to feed. This means no wasted costs in ordering too much, or unhappy faces when there isn’t enough to go round.

We also understand that in the early stages of working together it will be a trial-and-error process to figure out what the optimal number of snacks is for your team. We can also change your order sizes as your teams change in size.

Are the snacks full-size or just samples?

As a company we have always prided ourselves on never using sample size products. We only use full-size products, so you can rest assured that each person will get a snack that they can fully enjoy rather than only having their appetite slightly whetted.


How is my Office Box delivered?

Your Office Box is delivered by DPD, one of the most reliable delivery solutions available in the UK.

Can I track the delivery?

Yes, as soon as each box ships we’ll send you an email and/or text message confirming the tracking details for you to keep check on where your box is.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is included in the price. There are no hidden charges or fees.


What is a Personal Rep?

This is your direct point of contact for your whole Office Box experience & the person whose job it is to make sure your team are happy with the snacks & are getting the most benefit from them. You’ll be given quick & easy contact methods to speak with your Personal Rep to quickly resolve any queries that you may have.

What is the Fuelling Station counter-top display?

This is the display unit that the snacks will be placed on for your team to see. It’s designed to be big enough to fit all the snacks but small enough that it doesn’t get in the way. You can display it either in your staff kitchen or in other social/communal areas for people to take a snack when they choose.

Your employee Fuelling Station is free of charge & will be delivered with your first order of snacks.

Are you part of any corporate responsibility/charity initiatives?

Yes, we donate a portion of our profits to our chosen charity Magic Breakfast. Magic Breakfast is a fantastic cause that provides under-privileged & under-nourished children with nutritional breakfasts that they might otherwise not get. The scheme aims to make sure that children aren’t put at a disadvantage with their learning simply because they’re arriving at school hungry.

For every Office Box that we’ll sell, we donate 10 breakfasts to children. If you’d like to find out more then please head over to their website at www.magicbreakfast.com.