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Wellness programs pay for themselves x over, with savings between £2 & £34 for every £1 spent.

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The latest & greatest snacks from market leaders & exciting new start-ups.

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No compromise on taste or nutrition with snacks that have:

More Protein

More Fibre

Less Sugar

Save Time & Money

Create genuine excitement each Monday whilst also saving time & money.

Employee Benefits

The Job Perk They Want

Healthy snacks are the most valued well-being benefit not related to flexible working/the office environment.

Source: 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey

The Job Perk They Need

Positive nutrition & a healthy lifestyle directly impacts the improvement of:

Mental Health

Physical Health

Sleep Quality

Business Benefits

Attract top talent
Reduce absenteeism
Increase productivity
It pays for itself
Show you care
Build health & fitness culture

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Protein Bars & Flapjacks@0,75x
Protein Bars & Flapjacks
High-protein, delicious alternatives to vending machine chocolate bars which double as a great source of energy to power you through the working day.
Energy Balls@0,75x
Energy Balls
Something for everyone with naturally-rich & flavoursome energy balls from brands such as Bounce, Boostball & Deliciously Ella.
Plant Protein@0,75x
Plant Protein
Whether you’re vegan or simply cutting down on dairy, we'll keep you ahead of the curve with the latest scoops from top brands like PhD & Optimum Nutrition.
Healthier Biscuits@0,75x
Healthier Biscuits
Perfect with a tea or coffee & no feeling guilty for straying into the infamous office biscuit tin. Expect fan favourites from the likes of Grenade & Lenny & Larry’s.
Healthier Crisps@0,75x
Healthier Crisps
Couple with a lunch-time sandwich or just as a quick bite, our picks contain natural ingredients with higher protein & less fat.
Nut Mixes@0,75x
Nuts & Peas
Great to nibble away the afternoon with, we’ll find you a wide variety of flavours from sour cream & chive to cinnamon roll.

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Why choose us?

A Truly Healthy Snack Box
We’re proud to say that we're helping drive the health & wellness revolution in companies by focusing office snack culture on truly better nutrition.
We Have The Right Experience

We have years’ of experience providing 1000s of happy customers with credible alternatives to unhealthy snacks. Not only that, we’ve also worked in a range of corporate environments giving us insight into how we can help solve workplace problems, to improve employee engagement & drive business success.

Bespoke Snack Selections
We'll tailor your snacks to match the seasons & trends as well as let your employees’ preferences shape future boxes with our Shape Your Snacks surveys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After entering your details here we’ll get in touch to find out a bit more info before sending your mini version of Boostbox Office.

The taster-box has 12 different products (just like the real thing) so you’ll get a taste for the types of snacks you’ll receive.

There’s no costs involved with receiving the taster-box & we won’t require any payment details. If your team like it, simply let us know & we’ll arrange for regular snack deliveries.

Boostbox Office is packed with the latest & greatest health & fitness snacks. We carefully curate each box to include a wide range of product-types (cookies, bars, flapjacks, balls & more) plus a massive variety of flavours.

We have years of experience providing 1000s of happy customers with great-tasting alternatives to traditional snacks, so trust us we know how to keep everyone happy!

For us, taste is a huge factor in selecting the products we use & we guarantee they’ll all taste incredible. Today, healthy treats aren’t what they used to be & can act as genuine replacements for chocolate bars, crisps & other typical go-to snacks.

We also focus on three main things when choosing what snacks to fuel your office with:

1) High Protein – to aid muscle growth/repair & supply us with a good source of energy.

2) Low Sugar – to help reduce fat gain & the risk of heart disease.

3) High Fibre – to lower the risk of heart disease/type 2 diabetes, help with our digestion & make us feel fuller for longer.

There’s no minimum contract or commitment & you’ll be free to pause or cancel at any time. There’s no hassle involved, just give us 2 weeks’ notice to allow us to manage our stock & make sure we haven’t already arranged for a delivery to be sent to you.

The exact price will depend on the size of your team & exact requirements. To give you an idea, Boostbox Office with 72 snacks (12 different varieties of products) costs £99 + VAT including free delivery & an awesome counter-top display to showcase the snacks to your team.

That means each snack costs less than only £1.38 & far less than the happiness & productivity returns that they’ll yield.

Each Boostbox comes with 12 different snacks so there’ll always be a great selection for your team to choose from.

This depends on the size of your team & we’ll tailor the number of snacks inside your deliveries to match the number of mouths that you have to feed. This means no wasted costs in ordering too much, or unhappy faces when there isn’t enough to go round.

We also understand that in the early stages of working together it will be a learning process to figure out what the optimal number of snacks is for your team. We can also change your order sizes as your team changes in size.

As a company we have always prided ourselves on never using sample size products. We only use full-size products, so you can rest assured that each person will get a snack that they can fully enjoy rather than only having their appetite slightly whetted!

We carefully select the snacks that go inside each Boostbox to ensure that we have a range of products to suit all preferences. That’s why we always include a minimum of 3 different snacks (25% of the box) suitable for vegans. Plant power – on.

We carefully select the snacks that go inside each Boostbox to ensure that we have a range of products to suit all preferences. That’s why we always include a minimum of 2 different gluten-free snacks.

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