Discover all of this year's awesome protein treats

We get it, sometimes you need to see the full picture.

We’ve always kept the full contents a well-kept secret, but if you need proof that we have the best advent calendar around, check below for a full breakdown.

Warning: you can’t unsee this – so only scroll if you really want to discover all of the treats.

1. Battle Snacks Battle Bites

(Caramel Pretzel)

2. Battle Snacks Battle Bites

(Carrot Cake or Birthday Cake or Red Velvet)

3. Battle Snacks Battle Bites

(Candy Cane)

4. Battle Snacks Battle Cookie

(Double Chocolate)

5. PhD SmartJack Protein Flapjack

(Apple Crumble)

6. PhD SmartJack Protein Flapjack

(Triple Chocolate)

7. PhD SmartJack Protein Flapjack

(Topped Chocolate Hazelnut)

8. PhD SmartBar Protein Bar

(Birthday Cake)

9. Pandy Candy Protein Bar

(Nougat Hazelnut)

10. Pandy Candy Protein Bar

(Caramel Sea Salt)

11. Pandy Candy Protein Bar

(Strawberry White Chocolate)

12. Bounce Protein Energy Ball

(Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel)

13. Bounce Protein Energy Ball

(Dark Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Raspberry)

14. Lumberjack Protein Flapjack

(Vanilla Fudge, Chia & Hemp Seed)

15. Lumberjack Protein Flapjack

(Ginger, Dark Choc Orange)

16. The Protein Ball Co. Protein Balls

(Peanut Butter)

17. Oatein Millionaire Crunch

(Banoffee Caramel)

18. Pulsin Protein Booster

(Caramel Choc & Peanut)

19. Applied Nutrition Protein Indulgence Bar

(White Chocolate Salted Caramel)

20. Applied Nutrition Protein Indulgence Bar

(Milk Choc Caramel)

21. Applied Nutrition Protein Indulgence Bar

(Hazelnut Caramel)

22. Applied Nutrition Protein Crunch Bar

(White Choc Caramel)

23. Boostball Protein Balls

(Lemon Drizzle Cake)

24. Boostbutter Protein Peanut Butter

(Chocolate Brownie)

25. Boostbutter Protein Peanut Butter

(Sweet Maple)